Helix Production Updates

Here you will find the most current updates to the Helix 

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Currently, we expect the first Helix Docks to ship in early 2016, most likely in March. 




Update on 10 March 2016

We spent several days over the last few weeks bouncing back and forth between the mold shop and the injection molder, making adjustments to the mold, trying, tweaking, and reworking. This is a normal part of setting up a mold for the first time, and it takes a little bit of good ol' fashioned experimenting to set up the process that will run finished parts. 

We are making a few final changes to the material that we are using to get the best results, and we hope to start running final parts once we have that finalized. 

For those of you that are interested in the process of how parts are made, we shot a few videos of the two pieces coming off of the mold. 




Update on 19 Feb. 2016

There were some delays in the tooling process that pushed back our timeline more than we thought it would. Our machinist put in quite a bit of overtime to create the tool to make the Helix, but had underestimated the complexity of the pieces involved.

We finally got word that the mold was ready early this week, and we took it down the road to the shop where actual parts will be run. Five hours of working with the tool uncovered a few small issues with the mold that we need to correct before we can get things full in swing. This is a normal part of the process that takes time and patience to work through. It's nothing unexpected, but it pushes us back on when we can actually start shipping product.

At this point, the mold is going back to the tool shop to be reworked, which may take a few days. When that's done we will run test pieces again and find out if we can use it to create the final production parts

In the meantime, we are finalizing the packaging and gearing up to be ready to ship as soon as possible, which we expect to be in March. Since we're making this product locally in the U.S., your Helix will be ready to ship the same day that it is made.

Thanks so much for your patience. We will continue to keep you posted with any new developments.



Update on 14 Jan. 2016:

We had a minor delay in tooling for the Helix, but we're still on track to start shipping on time. 



Update on 1 Dec. 2015

We have submitted the final designs for Helix to the machine shop here in Indiana that will create the tooling molds to produce Helix. This process generally takes about 6 weeks to complete. Once the tooling is finished, we can start running test parts, make final tweaks, and then enter full-scale production.