Standzfree iPad Support

Can I use Standzfree while lying flat on my back?
Answer: Yes, Standzfree is very versatile and can be positioned to be viewed horizontally, facing straight down.
Can I keep my iPad in my case or skin or do I have to remove it?
Answer: Your iPad will only fit in this holder while not in a case or skin. If this is an issue, please see our Standzfree Universal and other Universal Products which allow you to keep your iPad in its case or skin while held by the Universal Holder.
What tablets is Standzfree for iPad compatible with?
Answer: Standzfree for iPad is compatible with iPad 10-inch Generations 1-4. It is not compatible with the iPad Air or iPad Mini. For iPad Air and iPad Mini, please see our Universal Products.
Does Standzfree wobble while in use?
Answer: The V base is 4 lbs of heavy-duty steel that provides a very stable foundation. However, at 48 inches high there should be some movement expected while typing or tapping on the screen. This can be reduced by bending the gooseneck so that it rests against the arm of a chair or couch while in use, or you can purchase an additional V-base from our website that can be attached under the standard base for added stability.
How do you recommend using Standzfree in bed?
Answer: We suggest placing the V base between the mattress and box springs. This provides a very stable and secure position.
Can Standzfree be permanently mounted to the floor?
Answer: Standzfree comes with 4 rubber feet that can be removed allowing the holes to be used for screws or bolts.
My Standzfree doesn't seem to telescope up, what is the problem?
Answer: The tube is likely just stuck. To solve this, unscrew the collar just a couple of turns to loosen. When slightly loosened, pull up on the gooseneck while standing on the V base. The gooseneck should break free and pull from within the larger tube that is mounted to the V base.
How do I convert my older iProp stand to be compatible with the newer holders?

Do you have a video showing Standzfree in use?

How do I replace the nut that has broken on my Standzfree?