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Find Standzfree Tablet Floor Stands at a dealer near you.

With the introduction of the Apple iPad and the tablet revolution that followed, the world of computing has been totally revolutionized. In the world we now live in, mobile devices are a major part of everyday life, and have been seamlessly integrated into nearly every facet of life. Mobile computers like the iPad and other tablets are being used in general aviation, hospital and emergency rooms, the International Space Station, and, most likely, in your day-to-day life. While itís great to have such a mobile and versatile device, it becomes even more useful when you are able to put the device down and still use it. 

Thatís why we created the Standzout family of products, available with an iPad specific mount or our new Universal Holder. The Standzfree iPad and Tablet Floor Stand is taller than a typical iPad stand and features a flexible gooseneck design that allows you to hold your device in any position that you choose, up high or down low, and turns to accommodate both portrait and landscape orientations. This stand is great for using your iPad anywhere around the house or at work, and will even allow you to use your iPad or mobile device from the comfort of your bed. 

The Surmount Desk and Table Clamping Mount allows you to clamp your mobile device to any desk, table, or bar and can be attached and removed without the use of any tools. The Wallmate is the ultimate tablet companion accessory for your home, which allows you to mount your device on a wall and easily move between multiple mounting locations. 

The Standzout family of accessories is sold on Standzout.com, with free shipping to the Continental U.S. We also ship internationally (shipping rates vary by destination). Click here to place your order online now.

Standzout products may also be found at these distributors internationally. 

ComputerWorks AG
Florenz-Strasse 1e
Basel, Basel-Stadt, 4023

Country: Switzerland

Pro Yang Enterprise Co., Ltd.
3/F No. 191 Ta An Road Sec.1
Taipei, Taiwan
Tel: 02-27041033
email: service@proyang.com.tw


"When I asked about an iPad mini holder, Standzout told me they were working on a "universal" holder. I immediately thought, this is going to be ugly and not nice to look at like most universal things for tablets. Much to my surprise, when I saw what they had done I was completely shocked. It was sleek, compact, easy to use and completely universal.Ē - Alexis P. Miami Beach, FL