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Wallmate Universal Tablet Wall Mount

The Wallmate Universal Tablet Wall Mount by Standzout is an innovative device that safely attaches your iPad or tablet to any surface that is compatible with 3M Command strips. Quickly and easily attach to any wall, mirror or any number of countless locations where you frequently use your tablet.

Using 3M Command strips, we have developed another amazing and innovative, yet simple, mount for iPads or tablets. With Wallmate, you are not limited by space in any way for mounting your device. It takes zero deskspace or floorspace to have your tablet at your fingertips and is paintable to make it blend into any wall.

Coupled with our patent pending universal tablet holder, any tablet can be held securely in any position allowing you to further enjoy your tablet in ways you have only imagined. You and your family can comfortably experience books, movies, games, Youtube videos or any other applications all hands-free. This device is perfect for the kitchen while cooking, as a way to mount your tablet while practicing music or as a way to entertain the kids while keeping the tablet safe and secure.

Product Features

  • 3M Command mounting technology
  • Fully compatible with ALL tablets
  • Works with tablets while in case or skin
  • Full 360 degree rotational ability
  • Ball and socket connector allows full XYZ axis articulation
  • Easy insertion and removal of tablet from holder
  • Paintable to match wall or other surface

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Customer Reviews
Rating Top Quality - Highly recommended - Excellent customer service
StandzOut kindly sent this stand for me to do an honest and unbiased review. I am using this universal wall mount with my Nexus 7 2013. It is a perfect fit for the tablet, and we chose to use the screws rather than the adhesive strips to mount it to a wooden support near my computers on my home office desk. The construction of this mount is solid, easy to adjust to either portrait or landscape orientation as well. I must mention something that reviewers don't often comment on, and that is the owner's manual. It was very well done, with large enough print that I do not need to get my glasses or a magnifying glass (like many manuals we have received). The manual even has a helpful tip for removing the adhesive wall mounts using dental floss that is simply ingenious. Not only is the product top quality, but shipping was fast as well. You can't go wrong with this company and this mount.
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Reviewed by:  from . - 9/18/2014
Rating Three Stars
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Reviewed by:  from . - 9/3/2014
Rating perfect for night-time reading
perfect for using my ipad to read at night , very study and easy to move into the right position
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Reviewed by:  from . - 7/15/2014
Rating High quality, great customer service, but it didn't fit Lenovo Yoga
When I found this universal wall mount, I thought I had finally discovered a perfect solution to mount a tablet to the wall of our warehouse for helping to locate serialized inventory. I ordered it right away and was ready to get it mounted as soon as it arrived. My first impression was that the quality was excellent. Unfortunately, It was immediately apparent that this mount wasn't quite large enough for our Lenovo Yoga convertible laptops - which are 8.9" tall. It was extremely close - and was only short by about 1/2 inch. I did call the Standzout support line and left a message, hoping they had a larger version - and a very nice representative called back about an hour later. It turns out they don't have a larger version, but it also sounds like they might be considering making one in the future. Regardless, even though it didn't work for us, I would still highly recommend this if you have a standard tablet - and not a convertible laptop. The mount is extremely high quality, and is built to hold the tablet solidly to the wall, while offering the option to quickly release it when you don't want to haul the mount around. It also comes with 2 wall bases - so you can easily move your tablet between a couple of different locations. I'll admit that the excellent support also plays a role in my high review
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Reviewed by:  from Online. - 4/23/2014
Rating Great Product! Love it!
This is just what I was looking for, and it works great! Something that wasn't clear from the description is that you can also mount it to the wall using included screws rather than using the adhesive strips. In my case I mounted it on the wall in front of a Treadmill, and so preferred to use screws in case the vibration from the treadmill use was a bit too much for the adhesive to deal with. The product does cost a bit more than I would have liked, but on opening the box I could see why - it is very well designed and made and so you are paying for quality
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Reviewed by:  from . - 1/21/2014
"When I asked about an iPad mini holder, Standzout told me they were working on a "universal" holder. I immediately thought, this is going to be ugly and not nice to look at like most universal things for tablets. Much to my surprise, when I saw what they had done I was completely shocked. It was sleek, compact, easy to use and completely universal.” - Alexis P. Miami Beach, FL